Under my heels (27:31 min)

HD version 1280x720
Those with very soft heart, maybe can’t watch this clip, it is not only the slave’s head and lips under my heels and but his balls and nipples as well, every sensitive part will feel my heels, the power and the push, but pain alone is not enough, starting with verbal and ending up making the bitch hold a big dildo in his mouth while the CBT starts with small pushes and goes really wide, I will squeeze, push, trample and smash the tight balls with my shoes and pointy heels, poor slave with scream, so I will give his balls couple of my lovely spits, not to cool his balls down but to slide or maybe ski on the balls……..hahah…all of this while the dildo is still in the bitch’s mouth and the clamps are tight for a good nipple play, who’s next? Who can take more?