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Punishment till the end Part 3 (12:42 min)

HD version 1280x720
A good slave can listen to the Serenade of the Cane all day long, right? Well, his ass might disagree, of course. So Madame Sarka, looking devastatingly sexy in Her shiny top, short skirt and dazzling boots, picks up a cane and starts trashing Her first slave into a pulp. Boy, does he suffer! He’s trembling like a leaf in a winters storm, dancing all over the place and uttering...

My tree-my rule (27:49 min)

HD version 1280x720
Two fellows, dressed rather queerly, we might say, are fiddling around a tree. That’s weird, isn’t it? You can’t help wondering if they’re not two escaped lunatics. Luckily Madame Sarka has spotted them and before they know what’s happening to them, Madame Sarka grabs them by the ear and drags them along. After kicking their asses a few times, She ties one to a stone...

Suffering under my power Part 2 (10:57 min)

HD version 1280x720
Oh yes, we often envy those who have the privilege of serving the dazzling Madame Sarka. We consider them to be so lucky! Well, take a look at this clip and think again. Because at the beginning of this clip this (un)lucky slave is cuffed to the Andreas cross, with his nipple clamps and weights dangling down his coconuts, while the rest of his scrotum is locked in a ball crusher....

Silly boys clip 2 (21:00)

HD version 1280x720
Madame Sarka seldom exaggerates. So when She promises you a lot of suffering, then you can bet your ass She’ll punish the living daylights out of you. The slaves in this clip will tell the tale. One is ordered to worship Madame Sarka’s boots, while the other one is caned into smithereens. Madame is not using a normal cane, though. No sir, She uses a rubber one and that thing...

Suffering under my power Part 1 (16:21 min)

HD version 1280x720
And there he is: cuffed to the Andrew’s cross, anxiously waiting, waiting and waiting for things to happen. He’s rather a small specie, we might say, and Madame Sarka is towering high above him. Dear me, he’s no match at all for such a powerful Madame! She could squash him like a fly. Well, he’s cuffed and which is a bit of a predicament. Madame Sarka starts by squeezing...

My new high heel boots (13:31 min)

HD version 1280x720
Thigh high boots are a never-ending delight, aren’t they? They go all the way up to a Ladies armpits, at least it seems that way. Madame Sarka is showing Her fabulous new boots to Her slaves. Oh dear, are they eager to worship them! It’s a pity male pets don’t have a tail (well, not at the back anyway), otherwise they would wag like crazy. And sure enough; a few minutes later...

Punishment till the end Part 2 (20:25 min)

HD version 1280x720
As Madame Sarka points out in the early seconds of this clip: She likes canes. So let’s hope the asses of Her two slaves like canes as well. Madame Sarka pics up a frightening long rubber cane and lands it with deadly precision on the ass of the first slave. You’re almost tempted to look away, because that cane is really scary. But knowing it’s the most beautiful Goddess...

Train you or humiliate you (25:21 min)

HD version 1280x720
Two dazzling beautiful Madame’s, wearing knee boots and short leather skirts (mama mia!) take their slave for a walk through the park. Well, a crawl through the park to be more precise. Not before long Madame Sarka puts his empty head between Her strong legs, while the other Madame starts whipping his ass. What a magnificent way to get a beating! But then it’s doggy time! The...

Whip dancing (8:52 min)

HD version 1280x720
Picture the scene: there’s a slave, standing on the floor, his hands cuffed to a crossbar, with one leg up in ropes. He’s not just vulnerable, he’s ultra vulnerable: his back is exposed, his chest, his mighty ass and the sole of one foot. And Madame Sarka won’t say no to such a golden opportunity. She starts with paddling him into shape, walking round and round him like...

Outdoor training (17:41 min)

HD version 1280x720
It’s such a beautiful day and Madame Sarka has decided to take Her slave on a stroll through the woods. Isn’t that romantic. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the whip is cracking…wait a minute….the whip is cracking?? Yes, because indoors or outdoors: Madame Sarka is always in charge. And so this slave is whipped round the woods. His balls are tied with rope and...