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Two slaves for my pleasure (24:50 min)

Published: 2014-04-21

HD version 1280x720
Slaves are famous for their tiny brains, so it’s always better to have two slaves instead of one, right? Madame Sarka has them down on their knees: one is licking Her long, beautiful boots, while the other has to bite through some serious nipple torture. Well, he’s screaming his way through his ordeal, to be honest. After using Her sexy long nails to warm up his nipples, Madame...

My toilet slave (7:33 min)

Published: 2014-04-14

HD version 1280x720
Peeing, also known as The Golden Shower is one of the magnificent (and wet) ways to humiliate a slave. Not just by taking a piss all over him, but by forcing him the drink that priceless juice from Heaven. Champagne and wine or just ditchwater compared to the Golden Shower of Madame Sarka. So this slave is ever so lucky to be in Madame Sarka’s toilet, waiting for Madame’s Golden...

Kind or strict (18:42 min)

Published: 2014-04-07

HD version 1280x720
The title of this clip is of course humorous, because in Madame Sarka’s book Kind means Strict and Strict means Strict. So there you go. Madame Sarka is wearing a breathtaking shiny dress and long boots and has decided to teach Her young slave a lesson. He’s down on his knees as Madame Sarka starts trashing his ass. The sound of the strokes echoes through the room, which is...

You balls and ass for my fun (30:54 min)

Published: 2014-03-31

HD version 1280x720
It’s yet another day in Madame Sarka’s dungeon of training, torture and terror. Happy days, as we say. Madame Sarka’s slave is tied to a table, his legs up in the air and tied to a bondage bar. Madame Sarka, dressed in the finest and definitely sexiest leather outfit ever, starts with some small paddles. On his ass mainly, but also on his balls, which is quitte a thrill....

Beer's game (16:16 min)

Published: 2014-03-24

HD version 1280x720
When Madame Sarka treats Her slave's on a beer, you immediately know there’s a catch to it. And there is! Madame Sarka has divided a can of beer over two small dishes and the task is simple, even from a slave’s point of view: they'll have to drink it like dogs, without using their hands. And the loser will be whipped for being lazy. That’s the way it is in Madame Sarka’s...

Worship my bare feet (20:38 min)

Published: 2014-03-17

HD version 1280x720
It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and Madame Sarka is at Her dungeon, fiddling around with Her mobile phone, while using Her slave as a footstool. Well, he's more a massage-stool, to be honest, because Madame Sarka is pumping Her gorgeous high heels up and down his back. You can clearly see a forest of imprints on his back, like a bombarded landscape. It looks quite lovely, so such...

Outside lesson by two Mistresses Part 2 (20:37 min)

Published: 2014-03-10

HD version 1280x720
What could be more rewarding than being outdoors with two sizzling hot Mistresses? Well, the slave in this clip will think twice, because he’s about to enter a nightmare. He’s cuffed to a tree and both Ladies are in for a lovely summer punishment. The slave however is screaming, wailing and dancing all over the place. Madame Sarka, dressed in a long sexy coat, tries to calm...

Facesitting (13:08 min)

Published: 2014-03-03

HD version 1280x720
Madame Sarka’s slave is in trouble. Or in heaven, depending on how you look at it. He’s laying on his back on a couple of chairs, his arms and legs tied, his nipples sucked vacuum in scary looking sucking tubes. Madame Sarka starts with some relentless cock and ball torture though: paddling down on his balls, squeezing them with Her deadly nails and busting them with Her strong...

Day's training (15:11 min)

Published: 2014-02-24

HD version 1280x720
When a slave behaves well, there’s no immediate reason to punish him. But luckily there’s always the option of training him. Which means, in Madame Sarka’s dictionary at least, the same as drilling, trashing and flogging a slave into an even better shape. Such is the way of the Femdom World! Madame Sarka is looking sizzling sexy again and has Her slave dragged down to Her...

Shiny boots in prison (15:33 min)

Published: 2014-02-17

HD version 1280x720
These boots are made for walking, as the song goes. But boots are heaven on heels as well and nothing is more rewarding than worshipping the supreme boots that brought you to your knees. But when the sexy Madame Sarka is wearing them, well; you become breathless. Madame Sarka has locked Her slave behind bars in this clip and forces him to worship Her boots. And to make sure he’s...